Disposable Nursing Pads vs. Reusable Nursing Pads

Jan 11 , 2021


Crownbury Limited

Disposable Nursing Pads vs. Reusable Nursing Pads

The amount of nursing pads used in a day generally depends on a mom's milk flow which can vary. However, on average, a breastfeeding mom uses two pairs of nursing pads in a day, particularly where the baby is being exclusively breastfed.

Over a period of six months, this can add up to 720 pieces of nursing pads used and disposed into landfill. Let's take this a step further and consider the cost of an average box of disposable nursing pads. Our research showed that the average cost of a box of 100 disposable nursing pads is CAD 14. Over a six-month period and based on the above assumptions, you will need a little over 7 boxes of disposable nursing pads, at an estimated total cost of CAD 100.

Reusable pads on the other hand can be washed after each use. As an example, the Crownbury Reusuable Nursing Pad set has 12 pieces of pads, a bag they can be washed in and a travel bag at a cost of CAD 23. A set should last you for the duration of breastfeeding your little one and beyond, and even if you decide to buy two boxes to give you 24 pieces (12 pairs), this still comes in cheaper and more environmental friendly than using disposable nursing pads.

Reusable nursing pads can be used for a long time, provided the material with which it was made with is still in tact and the pads are cleaned properly. Some moms save their reusable nursing pads to re-use for subsequent children, while some up-cycle theirs into make-up removal pads. You can get a lot of use out of reusable nursing pads before they are eventually disposed.

I hope we have been able to urge you to consider moving from disposable nursing pads to reusable nursing pads.



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